Izaak Bradley

Make It Local, Make It Fresh

Scannells Bar in Connolly Street has always had a reputation among locals for good quality, good value lunchtime fare.  But it’s gotten even better, thanks to chef Izaak Bradley.

There has always been something of a food revolution happening in Scannells over the past year or two.  You can’t see it from the outside, or even as you sit by the fire which seems to be lit no matter what the weather is doing.  The faces are familiar, the furniture is familiar, everything seems the same.

But the menu looks different — very different — and when your order arrives, it’s on another level of amazing…

For the past year, Scannells’ head chef Izaak Bradley has been enjoying the freedom to experiment with local food and flavours that express his professional mantra: make it local, make it fresh.

— from Clonakilty Living magazine

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