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Saturday 30th October

Gluten Free Beer Battered Haddock


handcut chips, pea puree and homemade tartare sauce

Chargrilled 6oz Sirloin Steak Sandwich


garlic butter, fried mushrooms & onions, cheesy peppercorn sauce on garlic & rosemary toasted focaccia

Scannells Seafood Chowder


with cod, mussels, haddock, prawns & crab claws

Mildly spiced pulled pork Quesadilla


smoked cheddar cheese organic leaves and sweet potato fried

Thai Red Chicken Curry


with oven roasted Mediterranean veg , coriander scented Basmati rice , red onion and deep fried fritter

Super food salad


mix leaf salad of roasted butternut squash, blueberries, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, crispy parsnip strips, a lemon & wholegrain mustard vinaigrette

Golden Fried Panko Coated Brie


on a bed of Sautéed greens of baby stem broccoli and asparagus with orange and thyme baby potatoes

ShannonVale Oven Roasted Chicken Supreme


wrapped in Scullys home cooked smoked bacon served with creamy mash , pan roasted veg with peppercorn sauce

Roast Vegetable Biryani Curry


with fragrant Basmati rice, crisp onion toasted almond and coriander

Ask your server or check our blackboards for today's specials and desserts

A small selection of our most popular beverages from near and far.

  • Guinness€4.70
  • Murphys€4.70
  • Beamish€4.00

Draught Beers

  • Heineken €4.90
  • Coors€4.90
  • Carlsberg€4.90
  • Rockshore€5.00
  • Hop House 13€5.00
  • Moretti€5.20

Draught Ales

  • Smithwicks€4.70
  • Tojo, American Pale€5.30
  • Moretti€5.20

Draught Ciders

  • Bulmers€5.00
  • Orchard Thieves€5.20

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Heineken 0.0€0.00
  • Peroni€0.00


  • Heineken€5.00
  • Bulmers Pt€5.40
  • Applemans Pt€5.40
  • Sol€5.00
  • Stonewell€6.50
  • Budweiser€5.00

Tea / Coffees

  • Americano€2.60
  • Flat White€3.20
  • Cappuccino€3.20
  • Tea€2.50
  • Speciality Teas€3.50


  • Coca-cola€2.30
  • Club Orange/Lemon€2.30
  • 7up€2.30

You can also ask your friendly server if you can't find what you are looking for.

Gluten Free Beer Battered Fish and Chips
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